Tools & Garage Equipment

Tools are an essential product for today’s modern mechanic and are more specialised than ever before. The range of tools is vast and some brands specialise in particular areas of tooling so it is important that we recognise which brand of tools has the best tool for the job. We have been selling LASER tools for the past 2 years as our niche tool brand. They are fantastic at timing tool sets, as well as really useful for removing hub bearings. We also stock DRAPER and SEALEY tools which have a vast range covering all areas of hand tools. BETA is another premium tool that we stock that do a comprehensive range of quality tool chest. And lastly our DUNLOP brand covers all our garage equipment products such as tyre changers, 2 post lifts and air-con machines.

Our tool brands:

Laser, Sealey, Draper, Beta, Dunlop

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