Car Parts

We take braking very seriously, after all these are the products that control how quickly you can stop your car. We stock a vast range of brake pad brands and products and cater for many different sectors of the braking market.

Filters are hugely important to the running of your engine and we always recommend that your filters are changed at service intervals with original quality filter brands.

We understand the different applications for car battery requirements. And we pride ourselves on meeting all the needs of our customer’s batteries whether it’s a car, HVG, marine, motorcycle or Agriculture.

We have made a huge effort to source quality brands at the most competitive prices as these parts can be very expensive. Quality of the clutch is extremely important as these jobs always require a lot of labour time.

Tools are an essential product for today’s modern mechanic and are more specialized than ever before. Our range of tools is vast with some brands specialising in particular areas of tooling.

We have always concentrated on the oil market for automotive and HVG. Stocking a range of products and brands to cater for a variety of sectors within the oil market. We only trust original quality suppliers.

We have highly trained staff that have 20 years experience in the refinish industry. The range in stock is vast and we have tailored it over the years and always searched for the best value for money without jeopardising the quality.

Another hugely important component for any car is the quality and set up for steering and suspension which consists of links, rubber bushings, shock absorbers and coil springs.